Marian University supporting the Movement!

A Special thank you goes out to Mary Endries (Dir of Alumni Relations), and the author of this article Kimberly Schueneman. Kim did an amazing job writing such a nice piece on PB Tees. We really appreciate her time and effort to give us a proper representation. Also, I had a chance to speak to over 300 students at Marian University. My talk was in regards to my experience at Marian and my t-shirt movement. It was both fun and exciting… I cannot wait for my next speaking engagement on Positive Bob Tees. The word is spreading and we cannot thank all of our supporters enough… Have a great weekend and keep an eye out for more exciting things...

Silver Cup 2013 Success!!!

The last 2 weekends we traveled to Mantiwoc WI for the Silver Cup 2013 Disc Golf Tournament. We were welcomed with open arms, to an amazing community that we had no prior connection to. We are very thankful for all the support and all the new friends we made! Till next year k

If you haven't already please check out our good friends and partners The Kingfish Band! 

They are a talented group of musicians who really know how to put on a great show! Check out more and a current list of their up coming show at: 


Check out the new Stilo Milwaukee Magazine cover. Rachel Napoles Carrera is the model on the cover. 

Very recently, Rachel helped us model for the Herrmann's Hiking cause. We congratulate her on her success are very appreciative of her help in promoting an excellent cause.

Check out one of our partners, Aren Soto and her business Kaizen Studio on TV today! 

Congrats Aren on all your success we are proud to have you as a partner.

Positive Bob Tees and The Kingfish come together on the golf course!

Recently I got a chance to return to my University and to show my fellow colleagues what I have been up to with my Positive Bob Tees business. It was a great experience and the support/feedback was overwhelming. 

It's really great to hear words/phrases like "Keep up the great work" "The world is craving a movement like this" "The message, "Love All, Smile More, Be Human, It's simple but effective" "Can't wait to tell my friends and family"

For all of you that share in the movement we are creating, we thank you. We also, thank Marian University for the warm embrace as well. To our friends over at The Kingfish Band, you guys are amazing and have been a long for the ride since the beginning. It's great to have you as partner in the PB Tees movement.  

The man himself and his girlfriend Erron sporting their Herrmann's Hiking tees out on the trail! This is a great partnership and we are glad we can help Ryan sell some shirts to help Anni! Keep an eye out for more updates from the trail as Ryan's journey continues on...

Good luck out there! Be safe... 

Thank you to our good friend Lori Amundson for sending in this picture of her spreading the Positive Bob vibes in Clare, Ireland!

As you can see in the picture Positive Bob Tees is now represented at the world famous, Durty Nelly's pub in Bunratty, CO Clare Ireland. 

If you are out that way we would love to see a picture of you standing next to that sticker. Perhaps with a Positive Bob Tee on... If you have any other pictures of your world travels and Positive Bob email them to us at teamup@positivebobtees.com and we will get them posted on the site for all to see.  

Thank you to our good friend Gus Krejcha for sending in this picture of him sporting a Positive Bob tee in Kiev in the Ukraine!

Keep those pictures rolling in! We love to see where Positive Bob and the message of "Love All, Smile More, and Be Human" has traveled.

You can email your pictures to us at teamup@positivebobtees.com and we will get them posted on the site for all to see. 

We could not be happier to announce our new partnership with the Playing for Change Foundation!

The Playing for Change Foundation is dedicated to connecting the world through music by providing resources to musicians and their communities around the world.

A decade ago a small group of documentary filmmakers set out with a dream to create a film rooted in the music of the streets. Not only has that dream been realized, it has blossomed into a global sensation called Playing for Change, a project including musicians of every level of renown, that has touched the lives of millions of people around the world.

Positive Bob Tees is excited for this partnership. Look for both sponsored and non sponsored music events in the future. Also, check out all the cool things going on for Playing for Change at website!