Positive Bob Tees and The Kingfish come together on the golf course!

Recently I got a chance to return to my University and to show my fellow colleagues what I have been up to with my Positive Bob Tees business. It was a great experience and the support/feedback was overwhelming. 

It's really great to hear words/phrases like "Keep up the great work" "The world is craving a movement like this" "The message, "Love All, Smile More, Be Human, It's simple but effective" "Can't wait to tell my friends and family"

For all of you that share in the movement we are creating, we thank you. We also, thank Marian University for the warm embrace as well. To our friends over at The Kingfish Band, you guys are amazing and have been a long for the ride since the beginning. It's great to have you as partner in the PB Tees movement.  



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